NIGHT DREAMS is on a Kindle Countdown Deal for 99 Cents again this week!

NIGHT DREAMS: 13 Tales of Erotic Encounters is on a Kindle Countdown deal for 99 cents this week! This is the second time the book has been on the countdown, so I hope it will expose the stories to lots of new readers.

NIGHT DREAMS is a new retrospective collection of my published erotica from the past 15 years and includes my first published bit of erotica – the Knight Rider-esque sexy car tale “Auto-Stimulation,” which appeared in the men’s mag Club back in 1998. It also includes stories from Circlet Press anthologies and magazines like Clean Sheets, Scarlet Letters, 1,000 Delights and even a couple brand new tawdry tales.

From roadside rendezvous to  “wife watching” fantasies to a woman with a vibrator that has um… very special fantasy powers to even a touch of futuristic Sci Fi erotica… NIGHT DREAMS has a sexy story for just about every taste!

The book has had some glowing early reviews. Not Now, Mommy’s Reading wrote:

“NIGHT DREAMS is a departure from the usual that we read around here… it’s simply erotica in its purest form” with “short stories [that] range from the intensely erotic to the widely fanciful.”  

And We Love Kink! posted:
“If you like short, sexy, hot, and kinky stories you will love this book.”
The first couple reader reviews have also been great. One called the book:

“A wild read from the very first page” and “a succulent concoction of erotic shorts that cross the poetic with the paranormal with the profane and pant-inducing, intoxicating the reader and leaving them begging for more.”

Another mentions the opening story “Touch” and says “Sex with no touching? Imaginative scenario that includes one of the hottest shower scenes I’ve read. 5 Stars”

NIGHT DREAMS is just $.99 right now on Amazon…Next weekend it will return to normal price of $2.99. I hope you’ll give it a sample/borrow/download while it’s on sale!

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