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WELCOME TO THE HOME of my erotic fiction and art. I've been publishing erotica for more than 15 years, and to celebrate, a new collection of my erotic tales, Night Dreams was published in January 2014. You can learn more about that and my other releases below.

Dream with me...

Night Dreams, a collection of 13 of my erotic tales spanning the past 15 years is now available through Amazon.com!

In Transition!

I worked up the concept and wrote a novella for this "shared world" erotica book which was just released for Valentine's Day 2014.

Erotic Sci-Fi

My story of an alien "erotic menagerie" first appeared in Circlet Press' Mind & Body anthology. It even got a mention in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine.

Sexy Shakespeare

I minored in Renaissance Literature, so when I saw the call for an anthology of sexy and gender-bending Shakespeare, I had to write something. The partner-parade of A Midsummer Night's Dream offered 'fertile' ground to explore...
I hope you'll enjoy some of my tawdry tales. I had a lot of fun writing them. The best moments in life are when you're turned on. That's why I've always said... Lust is Life.
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