Publishing History

My first erotic fiction sale was to the “letters” section of High Society Magazine in the early ’90s, when I was writing a series of “Sex in Music” articles for the publication.  At the right is a listing of all of the more “structured” short erotic stories I’ve published since.

Here on the site, you can read “Oasis,” a free short story that originally appeared in Clean Sheets and is also available in my Night Dreams collection.

In 2014, a 13-tale retrospective of my published erotica (with a couple new tales) was published as Night Dreams.

Shortly thereafter, my first erotic novella appeared in Surrender, the third volume of the Coliloquy Entwined Series.  The series is a sort of “choose your adventure” bit of erotica. I wrote a first chapter, and then four authors took the characters and situation I set up and went in their own directions. I  followed up my initial chapter with a voyeuristic/willing cuckold story called “Watching Kate.”

Short Fiction

(March 1998)

“Blades of an Engine”
Scarlet Letters
(Feb. 2000)

“Earth Mother”
1000 Delights
(Dec. 2001)

1000 Delights
(Jan 2002)

Mind & Body
(Aug. 2002)

Clean Sheets
(Nov. 2002)

Vol 2 (Nov. 2002)

Clean Sheets
(Nov. 2003)

“Have My Brie (and Eat Her Too)”
In The Buff #18
(Jan. 2004)

“Candy Cane”
a variant of “Oasis”
Circlet Press Advent Calendar
(Dec. 22, 2009)

“Five Acts Bi the Woods” – Like a Midsummer Night:  Erotic Shakespeare
(Sept. 2012)

“Watching Kate”
Entwined Vol. III: Surrender
(February 2014)


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