Where is Entwined: Surrender?

Surrender: Entwined Vol. III

Just about a year ago, the choose-your-own-adventure erotica book  Surrender was released by Coliloquy Publishing, based on an original novella by yours truly! Entwined Volume III: Surrender opened with a chapter that I wrote, and then had four authors (including me) follow different “paths” that might happen with the characters after that first chapter. Readers…

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Night Dreams is now available!

13 Tales of Erotic Encounters

It’s been 15 years since I sold my first erotic story, “Auto-Stimulation” to Club, a men’s magazine. I’d always enjoyed Club‘s particular style of slick photo-shoots, but I’d never imagined that I would actually write for the magazine! In any case, “Auto-Stimulation” made the cut and appeared in March 1998…

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