My erotic SF story “Arena” was reviewed in the April 2003 issue of:

This was a huge coup for me, as I grew up reading science fiction, and IASFM, in particular. I never dreamed that something that I would write would get noticed there!

& Body

Circlet Press
edited by Cecilia Tan
ISBN 1-885865-21-X

“The latest theme anthology from Circlet Press centers around the erotic uses of telepathy. Edited by Cecilia Tan, the stories in
Mind & Body run the gamut from near-mimetic to fantasy to cyberpunk, and reflect a variety of ingenious approaches to the topic.

I particularly enjoyed Evan Hollander’s “ESX,” a kind of Walter Mitty exploration of office sex on a mental plane, and “Arena” by Nik Flandré, which takes the hoary notion of aliens using humans for combat sport and twists it through sexual angles.

It should be noted that the eleven stories are split almost evenly between male and female authors, lending this collection a pleasantly heterogeneous ambiance.”

–Paul DiFilippo, Asimov’s

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