Night Dreams is now available!

13 Tales of Erotic EncountersIt’s been 15 years since I sold my first erotic story, “Auto-Stimulation” to Club, a men’s magazine. I’d always enjoyed Club‘s particular style of slick photo-shoots, but I’d never imagined that I would actually write for the magazine! In any case, “Auto-Stimulation” made the cut and appeared in March 1998 with a sexy photoshoot featuring a woman on a red car. (Not exactly innovative… but effective! Click the magazine cover below to see it.)

Since then, I’ve published stories in a number of erotica magazines and webzines, from Clean Sheets, 1000 Delights and Scarlet Letters to In the Buff, a UK magazine. My work has also appeared in three anthologies from Circlet Press, including Mind & Body and Jingle Balls.

This year, I have my first long-form bit of erotica coming out — a novella  from Coliloquy called “Watching Kate.” It’s part of their Entwined Erotica series. My story will appear in Surrender: Entwined Vol. III.

To celebrate my 15-year erotica journey, this week a collection of my previously published stories (along with a couple new ones) has been released! It’s called Night Dreams, and you can get an e-book edition now on Amazon. A print edition will be available shortly. It includes the full version of “Auto-Stimulation,” (which was abbreviated in Club), along with a dozen other stories. You can read a sample of what’s in the book here on the site — the story “Oasis” is free to read in the Fiction section.

Club-March1998It’s been a lot of sexy fun since that first publication of “Auto-Stimulation”  in Club and it’s been a “stimulating” trip down memory lane to dig out some of those old stories from the magazines they appeared in.

Now to start working on the kinky tales for the next 15 years…



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