Publishing History

My first nHigh Society - October 1991on-fiction erotica sale was an article about the Divinyls’ hot hit single “I Touch Myself” to High Society in 1991. This launched a new series of “Sex in Music” columns that I pitched to the men’s mag under the premise that sexy lyrics can make men as hot as pictures.

The columns took on a life of their own and continued long after I stopped writing for the magazine. At the right is a listing of some of the nonfiction I’ve published in men’s magazines since.



Sex in Music: Christina Amphlett
High Society
(Oct. 1991)

“Madonna: Truth or Dare Uncensored?”
High Society
(Nov. 1991)

Sex in Music: Samantha Fox
High Society
(Dec. 1991)

“Sex in Music: Wendy James”
High Society
(Feb. 1992)

“Sex in Music: Cycle Sluts from Hell”
High Society
(March 1992)

“Tori Amos Interview”
Gentleman’s Cabaret
(Fall, 1998)


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